Green Light's approach to providing IT services is unique.

Green Light is a privately-owned global business founded in Australia in 2007. We are an outcome focused, partner-led IT service provider that operates on fixed and deliverable based pricing models.

We are creative, unafraid and expert.

We white-label 100% of our services. As a result, we will never compete with you for the same end clients. Our unique, partner-led approach safeguards IP for all.


Our Managed Firewall Services provide proactive, real-time firewall management protection. We manage your firewall environment to support and protect your business. Green Light delivers Firewall Provisioning services across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, successfully managing over 50,000 service requests per year.

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Green Light manages Data Centres across Australia, New Zealand and Asia on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis. Not only do we have a track record of meeting 100% of our SLAs with zero downtime, but Green Light have also proven to save customers up to 40% of running costs based on a fixed monthly fee model.

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Green Light offers a rapid IT delivery service to fill gaps in your business offering. We operate a mature service in Australia across regional, remote and metropolitan areas, with a growing footprint in Asia. Green Light offer significant cost savings due to extensive coverage and we operate outcome based or time based SLAs.


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Green Light will decommission and dispose of your legacy hardware, whether it be servers, mobile phones or laptops. We offer a world class end-to-end data erasure and diagnostics service. This service is 100% secure, using Defence grade data erasure software. Get in touch to talk about this flexible solution that should be considered as part of any technology refresh project.

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Green Light runs WiFi projects from start to finish. This service includes active surveys, WiFi heatmaps, complete data analysis and reports as well as recommendations for the future. All project management and governance is provided through our dedicated Project Management Team.
100% Reliability and Uptime
Significant Cost Savings for our Customers
Dedicated Project and Service Delivery Teams
Agile Switch On / Switch Off Capability
Outcomes Based with Shared Risk