Workforce as a Service (WaaS) allows you to supplement your workforce with a skilled resource to complete task-based work under your supervision.
WaaS is a high impact service line. We can get on-site within 3 days to complete simple tasks while your permanent workforce carries on with the important business of your business.

We ensure the right resources with the right skills and equipment are ready for you to manage and direct.

We work under a rate card format and the service is delivered through a SOW engagement. Charges are based on effort undertaken which can be anywhere from a minimum 2.5 hours engagement up to a maximum of 30 days.
Popular WaaS Services
  • Deployments

    Including EUC (Desktops, Macbooks, laptops etc), Networking (Switches and Routers) and Storage (Servers). 

  • Smart Hands and Feet

    Level 1 Engineer deployed to complete tasks such as simple staging, desktops setups and cabling.

  • Field Services

    Level 2 Engineer deployed for tasks such as basic configuration, break-fix, hardware field services and complex staging with A.D/SCCM.

  • Point of Sales Services

    Upgrading bag racks and self checkout systems at major grocery stores across Australia.

Fast, Responsive Plug-In to a Skills Gap
Cost Effective
Expertise You Require
Agile Switch On / Switch Off Capability
Regional and Remote Coverage