Organisations should view workplace transformation as a strategic way of maintaining competitive advantage. 
With the ever-changing nature of technology and business, workforce transformation is essential to ensure your teams are relevant to meet business goals. We work with you to develop workforce transformation plans.
Green Light offers scale up / scale down capability as well as staff augmentation services to help you through your journey.
Popular Workforce Transformation Services
  • Salesforce Developer Teams

    Our customer was transitioning over to this new product and needed to fill in a resource gap with Salesforce developers and project managers. Green Light was able to project manage the entire process from beginning to end, ensuring business goals were met while maintaining a high quality of service.

  • Agile Teams

    Green Light helped our customer achieve their digital transformation goals by implementing Agile specialists into their business. The result was an increase in productivity and time saved.

  • Security Cleared Workforce

    A key differentiator in using our services is our ability to assemble security cleared resources. Our virtual bench extends across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

  • Data Centre Transformation Teams

    Green Light is able to supply to capability you need to carry out essential Data Centre transformation work. Let us take on this project work while your highly qualified engineers are utilised in more business critical areas.

Damneet S Bawa

National Engineering Delivery Manager - Telstra Purple

“I approached Green Light to provide a team of 12 highly skilled and experienced ICT resources to enable Telstra to bid for a large piece of work within Government. The Green Light team were able to turnaround the resources within a week, all with high-level security clearances in the  competitive Canberra market. The resources all matched our specific requirements and had worked on similar projects previously. This allowed Telstra to present a solution to the end-client and win the work ahead of our competitors. The team have performed to a high-degree, and Telstra has been awarded further work from the end client on the back of this team’s performance. Green Light has allowed Telstra to grow our business at a rapid rate with this particular critical customer.”

Engage through our Service Lines
Green Light allows you to implement your digital transformation strategy by taking advantage of our scale up / scale down technical approach. By engaging through our Consulting Services, you have access to a large pool of resources to help with issues such as skill shortages, security clearance or geographic hindrances.
Green Light delivers world class projects. You can leverage this capability through our Professional Services and plug Green Light into certain stages of your transformation program. 
While you focus on your digital transformation strategy, let us run your BAU functions. Through our Operational Support Services we manage Data Centres, field services, decommissioning of equipment and much, much more.
Know you need to get a workforce transformation strategy in place but don’t know where to start? Allow us to assist you by utilising one of our digital SMEs in our team.
100% Reliability and Uptime
Significant Cost Savings for our Customers
Dedicated Project and Service Delivery Teams
Agile Switch On / Switch Off Capability
Outcomes Based with Shared Risk